Impact Youth Retreat

Impact Youth Retreat


Last year, Emmanuel Jal introduced a new Retreat under his non-profit, Gua Africa. This 6-day Leadership Retreat will inspire, provide connections and skills training to 30 youth (ages 14-21) from the Kakuma Refugee Camp. This is a very unique opportunity for the youth to spend time one on one with Emmanuel Jal, who himself lived in the Camp and transformed his life through the principles and practice of My Life is Art Program.

We know that providing leadership training to improve independent thinking and practical skill sets in an imperative resource for future leaders.

About the Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kakuma is one of the world’s largest refugee camps, housing approximately 200,000 people.  Approximately 70% of the population are children and youth, most of who are unaccompanied (do not have close family members). The camp has been in existence since 1992 and the average stay for a refugee is 16 years. It is located in North East Kenya, which has one of the most inhospitable living environments in Africa.

UNHRC funding has been significantly cut at Kakuma, most notably as a direct result of USAID cuts. This has affected everything at the camp, including access to education, youth activities, water, food and infrastructure materials.

With only a handful of secondary schools in the camp, the opportunity to be educated are slim. Yet, there is a hunger for knowledge. Leadership skills are vital for these young people, who have a deep desire to return to their home countries and initiate a positive change within their communities.

What’s Included:

  • Sponsorship for 1 youth to participate in the retreat

    • All meals

    • Ground transportation

    • MLIA training sessions with Emmanuel Jal (i.e. workshops and lectures)

    • Materials

    • Leadership Certification

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*Cost is approximately US$1,350.00

John Fungo is a sponsored participant from the Impact Youth Retreat 2019