MLIA is a social enterprise designed for individuals and organizations who want to cultivate personal purpose and leadership. We recognize our lives as work of art that we create to spark conscious awakening.

When our hearts lose courage… and our minds are full of clutter… and our ability to achieve goals, think clearly and strategically is drained… by past defeats, present challenges and future activities...

My Life Is Art provides the tools to restore clarity in thinking, gain courage, activate joy, calmness, increase mental power, walk in our purpose and engage the mind to achieve our goals.

My Life Is Art is a 360º approach to life, a commitment to self development, with daily practices that align your goals with your purpose, mission and vision.

Through our content and experiential offerings we support you to:

  •  Own your mind

  • Find your purpose

  • Understand your mission

  • Cultivate your vision

  • Discover what you were created to do on earth

  • Create habits that will create your success

  • Create health and wealth

  • Mental power


We promise you noticeable results after 30 days of practice.